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Teaching ABE Students About Mental Health

PANDA: MN ABE Physical And Nonapparent Disability Assistance

Everyone knows that physical health is important to students’ well-being. Often, though, educators are reluctant to tackle the topic of mental health in the ABE classroom. They may believe they lack requisite knowledge, or they may be uncomfortable discussing such weighty or personal topics. By attending this virtual workshop, you will become more comfortable with and knowledgeable about mental health in general. You will explore the basics around several common mental health concerns through multimedia lesson plans and related resources. Finally, you’ll write a reflection paper and adapt a lesson plan in order to help you gain confidence teaching it! After completion of the workshop, submit your reflection paper and lesson plan to PANDA. This workshop is intended to address the re-licensure area for Understanding Key Warning Signs of Early Onset Mental Illness in Adolescents and Adults.  Four CEUs will be provided upon approval.  After you complete and submit the registration form, you will receive an email with the link to the training.  Click here to go to the registration form.  


Administrator, Instructor, Support Staff, Volunteer