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Metro ABE Regional


Metro Regionals take place in the spring, generally all day on a Friday. Regionals:

  • Provide the time and space for colleagues across programs and from within one geographic region to gather in person to network, share resources, decrease isolation, and engage in adult professional learning.
  • Enhance teachers’ and administrators’ knowledge and skills to meaningfully contribute to their workplaces and increase student achievement by participating in training based on the particular needs of each region.
  • Assist practitioners in maintaining employability through re-licensure sessions.
  • Provide a venue to engage practitioners with statewide PD priorities from Support Network providers.

Every other year, in-person Metro Regionals will be alternated with statewide virtual events in the spring. These virtual events, when scheduled, will be reflected in the Upcoming Dates below.


Administrator, Instructor, Volunteer


approx. 5

Upcoming Dates

  • No in-person Metro Regional in 2025 / See "Statewide Virtual Conferences"

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Check out the Events Calendar for details about scheduled Metro ABE Regionals.

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