ATLAS provides high-quality, accessible professional development and resources to advance education for adult learners.

Marisa Geisler

ATLAS Operations Manager [email protected]

Literacy Action Network

Literacy Action Network works to improve professionalism in the ABE field through high-quality professional development opportunities such as hosting the Summer Institute conference.

Wendy Her

Administrator [email protected]

Literacy Minnesota - volunteer support

Literacy Minnesota promotes and supports the use of volunteers in adult education programs.

Rob Podlasek

Training Director [email protected]

Literacy Minnesota - technology support

Literacy Minnesota and provides technology support for ABE professionals and volunteers, and supports managers and instructors in building quality DL opportunities based on established best practices.

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt

Senior Manager for Educational Technology & Digital Literacy [email protected]

PANDA: Minnesota ABE Physical And Nonapparent Disability Assistance

PANDA equips Minnesota ABE teachers, program managers, and volunteers with training, disability awareness, and resources to positively impact students with disabilities.

Wendy Sweeney

PANDA Manager [email protected]

Southwest ABE

Southwest ABE provides training on ABE assessment tools; supports innovative GED activities; provides reimbursements for learning disability assessments; and hosts the annual ABE Support Staff Conference.

Marty Olsen

Coordinator [email protected]